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Startups Employees Love 2022 – Best People Practices

The xto10x Startups Employees Love program recognises startups for their standout people and culture practices. The Best People Practices category celebrates startups with innovative people practices. This category is further divided into 4 sub-categories based on the org size:

#1 Startups with 0-50 employees

1. Anar Business App

Anar is a business networking platform for small and medium businesses in India that helps them grow their business. 

2. Areya Technologies

Areya Technologies partners with teams for Salesforce implementation to increase business ROI and support the existing technological systems.

3. Unbox Robotics

Unbox Robotics builds software-defined robotics systems to enable logistics players to automate and radically improve their operations on-demand in a limited footprint and capital.

4. TranZact

TranZact is a digital transformation tool for Indian SME manufacturers that digitises the business process from sales enquiries to dispatch. 

5. Vani.coach

Vani.coach is a digital platform that provides communication coaching for holistic professional development.

#2 Startups with 50-200 employees

1. CloudSEK

CloudSEK is a contextual AI company that predicts cyber threats through cyber crime monitoring, brand monitoring, attack surface monitoring, and supply chain intelligence.

2. Leegality

Leegality is a unified document infrastructure platform that allowes businesses to go paperless with their business and legal documents.


RAAHO is a freight marketplace that is focused on reducing carbon footprint and increasing the efficiency of trucks in the logistics space.

4. Techspian

Techspian works with travel businesses in their business transformation and is now focusing on the niche technological needs of today’s world.

5. Fasal

Fasal is an AI powered agri-tech platform for horticulture that provides farm specific, crop specific, crop-stage specific actionable advisory. 

#3 Startups with 200-500 employees

1. AgroStar

AgroStar is an agricultural technology company that aims to solve the problems of limited guidance to scientific/sustainable farming, and limited access to great quality farm inputs.

2. Airmeet

Airmeet is an all-in-one platform for virtual events, summits, meetups & workshops for communities & enterprises.

3. Bizongo

Bizongo is a B2B platform that consolidates the fragmented B2B segment of made-to-order goods, with a focus on optimising supply chains for unbranded products.

4. ftcash

ftcash is a financial technology platform that aims to empower micro-merchants, small businesses, retail chains, and home based entrepreneurs with the power of mobile payments.

5. Ripplr

Ripplr offers shop owners the ability to manage their businesses with Connect EPoS system with integrated EPoS and eCommerce solutions.

6. Sarvagram

SarvaGram provides livelihood upgradation for aspiring households based in rural and semi-urban India.

7. Springworks

Springworks is an HR technology startup that is building tools and products to simplify recruiting and help organisations engage and retain their employees.

#4 Startups 500+ employees

1. Acko

Acko is an insurance technology company that makes the process of buying and using of insurance effortless.


CRED is a credit card app that allows users to manage all their credit cards in one place along with an analysis of their credit score. 

3. Loadshare

Loadshare Networks is a technology driven new-age logistics company building an asset light integrated logistics network stitching together SMEs in the logistics sector using a proprietary technology platform.

4. MediBuddy

MediBuddy is a digital healthcare platform that uses technology to provide zero-friction access to meet inpatient, outpatient, wellness and fitness needs. 

5. REA Group India

REA Group India is a full stack real estate services company that serves as a demand aggregator in digital real estate. 

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Last modified: August 2, 2022